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हमारे बारे में


We are an Indoor Archery Range.  We are open to the public.  OUR UNOFFICIAL MOTTO



What makes us different from other places?

1. We give FREE basic lesson for everybody. No classes to take even if its your 1st time shooting.

2. You do not have to be a member of any archery organization to shoot here.


3. We do not try to make you buy anything (unnecessary equipment or lessons)

4. What is posted on our website is what you pay.  No hidden fee (Example: Taxes, CC transaction fees)


  1.  We have Monthly, Yearly 

  2.  Purchase limbs with us we will buy back for new limb purchase 

  3.  Looking to increase draw weight you can use our limbs until you purchase your own

  4.  Free bow storage

  5.  Get discounts on equipment, lessons and events




Parking in front of Garage doors.  
After 5pm and weekends parking also 
available at 24 Johnson Ave (Materials Inc)


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